Thursday, July 27, 2023

Good Morning, World

Lakeith Stanfield is on the cover of the new issue of The Standard's EM magazine talking about his role in Disney's Haunted Mansion movie (god what have we done to cinema) -- I have never been to a Disney theme park (that's some "gold star gay" shit right there) so I know nothing about this ride, and have no desire to, so I skipped all that. But I did like this part of his interview:

"He considers it a ‘beautiful luxury’ to be able to explore different shades of masculinity, and has long since given up worrying what people might think about his more flamboyant fashion choices. ‘I could show up in a suit, I could show up in a cowboy hat, I could show up in fishnet socks, it doesn’t matter — somebody’s gonna have something to say!’ he shrugs. ‘Most of the people who have something to say are nekkid flipping through the channels, or online in their drawers! So what difference does it make? Everybody has an opinion, so you might as well just do whatever feels right.’"
Lakeith has had some of the wildest photo-shoots over the years (check our archives to confirm this truth) so believe it when he says it. Funny enough though this photo-shoot (photographed by Petra Collins) is extremely tame, by his standards -- that's not to say he's not looking fine per usual. Just he's wearing regular button-down shirts and no elaborate wigs. Not a single wig! Hit the jump for it... 

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Shawny said...

I loooooove Lakeith.