Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Good Morning, World

For a lack of having anything else to post, or the energy to go digging any further, here is a photo of the famous composer Leonard Bernstein brushing his teeth back in the day that I saw somebody share somewhere a couple of days ago. (Too many social media networks now -- who knows where it came from.) (As an aside I have created both Bluesky and Threads accounts in the past week or so -- not that I have used them a ton just yet -- and you can find links to them over in the right-hand column, or here at MNPP's Linktree.) Anyway speaking of Lenny -- I saw somebody say somewhere (this was probably Twitter) that it would make sense for Maestro, Bradley Cooper's biopic of him, to premiere at NYFF this fall, since Bernstein's history is so interwoven with that of Lincoln Center, which is where that festival happens. Makes sense to me! Let's just hope that we get some proper Bradley-on-Bomer action. Or the pitchforks will be out, Cooper! I'm already annoyed he stole the role from Jake.

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