Wednesday, June 28, 2023

They Called Him Rock

Rock Hudson has finally gotten the proper documentary treatment with All That Heaven Allowed, which just premiered at Tribeca earlier this month and is hitting HBO Max or Max or whatever the hell they're calling it today -- click here to read my Mashable review of the film. While a little bit on the rushed side, I think this doc lays the table pretty well, and it'll serve as a great foundation for the inevitable biopic when the day comes, since it tells the story the way it needed to be told, which is to say it finally talks to all the gay men in his life! What a revolutionary concept! (And Armistead Maupin lays down one of the greatest lines ever spoken about Rock, which I quote in my review.) Below is the trailer -- you need to watch this flick!


Jake said...

Damn, he was fucking hot!!!!

Lee4rdg said...

That was a great review - very intelligent and thoughtful, with your trademark humor. I like your work!