Thursday, June 01, 2023

Make Like Pedro

It is June 1st and the first day of Pride Month and it's in the 80s here in NYC -- it feels like summer, my least favorite season, has arrived. So let's all make like Pedro Pascal there and put on some shorts and throw our legs in the air -- it's only fitting. In all seriousness there is one thing I like about summer and that is "Summer Fridays" which I have at my day-job from now until Labor Day, meaning I won't be posting but for four days a week until then. That's good for my brain, at least. Since the heat cooks off any other relaxation I muster this allows me some wiggle room. Point being I'm leaving in a little bit for an early press screening for the Tribeca Film Festival (which kicks off next week) so this is it until Monday. Also happening this weekend (besides about five other Tribeca screenings for me) is the Pride edition of NewFest, check out their line-up right here if you're here in NYC. I am seeing both Bottoms and Problemista (Tilda!) this weekend, so stay tuned for more on those next week! Lots ahead! Except right here, for the next three days, in which there will be nothing! Bye.

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Jake said...

Mmmmmmm!!!!! He is so damn fucking HOT! I would run my tongue over every single inch of his body!!!!!