Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Good Morning, World

Hold onto your butts, y'all -- Paul Mescal has shared this video of himself getting his body (so so much of his body) into Gladiator shape for Ridley Scott's forthcoming sequel. (via) And I now retract every shitty thing I have said about every shitty movie Ridley Scott has made in the past two decades. Sir Ridley Scott forever! Get that man all of the Oscars!


Anonymous said...

Omg no i liked his normal person body!!! Now hes gonna look like everyone else

Anonymous said...

I just hope and pray they don’t shave his legs and feet.

Anonymous said...

Another joining the legion of hairless beefcake who won't stop talking about his gym routine and how the worth of a man is based purely on hitting the gym 24/7. Then paint his nails pink and saying they destroyed gender roles.