Tuesday, June 06, 2023

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May (2002)

: So many pretty parts and no pretty wholes.

Although I labeled May as a 2002 movie above, this Lucky McKee horror classic didn't actually hit movie theaters until 2003 -- June 6th 2003 to be precise, making today its 20th anniversary! Happy 20, May! And coincidentally (or maybe not, I had nothing to do with its making) Second Sight, the UK boutique blu-ray distributor, just announced they are finally, FINALLY, putting May onto blu-ray -- this movie has been out of print for ages and I have bitched about that fact for ages, so this news was met with a whoop-whoop and an immediate pre-order from me. The set is out on July 24th and it looks as spectacular as the perfect movie deserves! Hopefully it can enter the canon proper-like now. Angela Bettis is an icon!


Anonymous said...

Do you sleep on a giant pile of cds and books like Smaug on his mound of gold and jewels? I can't imagine that you have room for all the stuff you buy in a New York apartment. Please explain.

Nosy Parker

Shawny said...

Good movie. It's definitely time for a rewatch