Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Beatriz: You think killing is hard? Try healing.
You can break something in two seconds.
But it can take forever to fix it.

It's ridiculous how prescient this movie was about all the conversations we'd be smothering in five years later. I re-watched it a few months ago and if you've never seen it, or if you haven't seen it since it came out, I really recommend a revisit. Just an astonishing piece of work, and Salma Hayek has never been better. The whole cast, top to bottom -- John Lithgow, Connie Britton, Chloë Sevigny, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, David Warshofsky, and several reaction shots from John Early. Just perfect. I know a lot of people see it (and Enlightened) as dry-runs for The White Lotus but -- and I say this adoring The White Lotus -- they're better than The White Lotus. Enlightened obviously, but Beatriz too. Anyway this is all my way of saying -- Happy Birthday, Mike White! Watching him win award after award for Lotus has been one of the few pleasures the past couple of years have given us. A true king.

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Anonymous said...

I do like the film a lot...until the ending. Wow did it feel like White did not know how to end this film. It was too bad because everything before it was great (even if Lithgow's character was a little too on the nose).