Monday, June 19, 2023

Cravin' That Kraven

Looks like this will be Kraven the Hunter week as the first poster has just been dropped -- here are all of our previous posts on this movie but the gist is it's a superhero thing and Aaron Taylor-Johnson wears a slutty man-beast costume, the end. That's all I need to know! (Okay also that it co-stars Alessandro Nivola and Chris Abbott -- also important!) Anyway they totally recreated a famous Kraven image with the poster...

... and as well they should. That image was my go-to when posting about the character. It's where the excitement lay! Supposedly the first trailer is officially coming tomorrow, but if you do a quick search on Twitter you'll find that it's already leaked. And speaking of leaking, the following images from the trailer's got me...

ETA okay I guess Sony saw the leak and decided to
drop the trailer themselves, official-like! Here it is:

And good that means I can share this other gif I made:

1 comment:

dre said...

He should be shirtless 95% of the movie cause this character DOESN'T have 2 hours worth of a story without Spiderman. In fact, this will be a HUGE disaster for Marvel.

WTF greenlighted this shit.