Tuesday, May 02, 2023

The Bard's Boy

No Paul Mescal wasn't at the Met Gala last night so this wasn't his look (although I'd read he was planning on going until Streetcar got extended for a week) -- I don't actually know what this look was for but, uhh, hello Paul (click to embiggen). Anyway we're not here to talk fashion -- Paul has another project lined up! And this one's far more exciting to me than that Gladiator nonsense that's going to swallow up too much of his time (if Ridley doesn't give him a short skirt and take advantage of Paul's gams I swear I will burn every copy of Blade Runner in existence). Paul is going to co-star with one of my favorite working actresses, Jessie Buckley! They were of course previously both in Maggie Gyllenhaal's film The Lost Daughter, but they shared no scenes.

Anyway Deadline says (thx Mac) that they're set to co-star in Hamnet, the new movie from Nomadland director Chloé Zhao and... well, I will admit here that I'm not Zhao's biggest champion. I did like Nomadland and The Rider but when I found out she was the child of billionaires I couldn't help but begin side-eyeing her whole indie-girl-in-pigtails persona. Not so hard to leap to the front of the pack when you've got billions of dollars to fall back on! Anyway that's my own baggage I guess -- it doesn't seem to bother anybody else. here is how the plot of the novel on which Hamnet is based is described: 

"The New York Times bestselling historical fiction novel imagines the story of Agnes – the wife of the world’s most famous writer, William Shakespeare – as she struggles to come to terms with the loss of her only son, Hamnet. The novel charts the emotional, familial and artistic consequences of that loss, bringing to life a human and heart-stopping story as the backdrop to the creation of The Bard’s Hamlet."


Suppabuddho said...

Not enough Mescal Thighs.

Anonymous said...

HUh? Fashionwise there's hardly a better time frame for AMPLE, nay vertigo inducing opportunities for Mescal-thigh, hosed and un-hosed, I should think? At least, if costume design/whoever else is in charge, doesn't opt for the usual black leather tights and not-even thigh-high-boots to 'please' "modern" eyes...



mrripley said...

I didn't know that about Zhao,it rankles me probably the same way as you.