Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Karl is a Devil and God is a Bullet

It took the release of the trailer for this to smack me upside the head and remember -- God is a Bullet, the next movie from director Nick Cassavetes that stars our boy Karl Glusman as a tatted-up satanic punk terrorizing a bountifully stached Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Maika Monroe, has been on my radar for awhile; ever since I first saw some photos from the set and tweeted them in a thread in July of 2021: 

(click for more) Yes it's a lot of look, but Karl is making a meal out of it, right? He's good like that. Anyway I guess the movie is based on a true story (and based on a book) about a detective trying to figure out what happened to his daughter, who joined a cult -- Nikolaj is the detective while Monroe (who previously co-starred with Glusman in the fantastic thriller Watcher of course) is a woman who escaped from the cult; she goes along to help. 

Anyway as I said we've got a trailer! Watch:

And yes Jamie Foxx and Jonathan Tucker are there too.
The movie is getting released on July 11th. Thoughts?
And I've got more pictures of Karl after the jump...


bdog said...

Make Up budget must've been huge.
Tired of seeing my boy Tuck not getting billing. He's the only reason I'd see this.

Anonymous said...

"Jason Adams
May 8
It's weird that it was his uncle who got shot in the head but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the one with the brain damage."

This is in really poor taste, to say the least. You sound like a Republican.

Jason Adams said...

Save your vitriol for the moron running for President on the fumes of his family's legacy as he gets countless people sick and dead because of his abhorrent anti-vax bullshit, Anon -- until then I will be as in motherfucking poor taste as I see fit to counter such real world violence

Anonymous said...

Lol. For a second there I was really worried you might have a terminally fragile ego.