Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Good Morning, World

Happy Tuesday and welcome back from the holiday weekend -- I would say that this photo of baby twink Alexander Skarsgård (via) was a gift to thsoe of you who are mourning the TV show Succession, which aired its finale this past weekend, but it is very clearly a gift to everyone of us. Even people like me who think Succession is a gigantic pile of steaming cow-plop! Ahhhhhh (to quote Jessie Ware) that, felt good. What I am mourning is my ability to poke at that show and its fans, since they're so Borg-mindedly defensive about it. That's what I will miss most of all! Anyway let's get on with it, busy few weeks ahead.

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bdog said...

As bookshelves are your thing, sweaters are mine. Saarsgard was sporting a stunner in the finale.