Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Good Morning, World

And Iiiiiiiii'm back! Don't cream your jeans or anything (unless the above photo of the live-action Little Mermaid's Prince Eric actor Jonah Hauer-King forces you to) but it's true -- my five or so days off-line sojourn has come to an unceremonious end and here I am, back where I began. And there's no place else... okay, I can't even finish that lie. You deserve better! Obviously I'd rather be let's just start with the obvious right there in the bed next to Jonah Hauer-King. I start with that because otherwise we would be here all day as I listed off the literally infinite number of places I'd rather be than sitting at my office desk. I know you're good people and not offended -- you understand. You've got infinite places you'd rather be than where ever you are staring at me typing this nonsense. We understand one another. Good. We can move on with our day now. (PS if wanna see more of Mr. Hauer-King I have posted him before, click here for it.)

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Unknown said...

sucker for that smile.