Monday, May 22, 2023

Good Morning, World

I had some catching up to do on all kinds of things last week after I took a few days off, and one of those things -- the most important of those things! -- was watching the latest episodes of The Other Two on HBO. And sure enough they did not disappoint. The Other Two never disappoints. Not only was there an extended riff on the 1998 classic Pleasantville -- random as hell, but among one of my favorite movies so very geared to ME SPECIFICALLY which is what matters -- but Josh Segarra spent the majority of the episode getting in and out of the shower. 

At this point The Other Two so gets me (remember the Call Me By Your Name riff?) I'm legitimately worried that a character who spends an hour of their lives nearly every single day making gifs out of TV show scenes of half-naked men is going to show up on the show at some point, and the show will cut them / me to the quick. Okay not "worried" so much as "begging for it." I have it coming, The Other Two! Anyway happy Monday and hit the jump for how I spent an hour of my life (and I regret absolutely nothing)...

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