Monday, May 08, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Nathan Bronfman: What is love anyway? From my new vantage point, I realize that love is nothing more than a messy conglomeration of need, desperation, fear of death and insecurity about penis size.

A happy 60th birthday to Eternal Sunshine director Michel Gondry today! It's been almost eight years since Gondry directed a feature-film -- he's done lots of shorts and eight episodes of Jim Carrey's series Kidding (which I never saw any of, did you?) but his 2015 film Microbe & Gasoline was his last full-length picture. I thought that movie was fine -- not terrifically memorable but a big step up from the movie he did right before that called The We & I, which I loathed with such fierceness I literally winced upon being reminded of it while writing this post.

Anyway just because he hadn't reached the heights of Eternal Sunshine again doesn't mean I don't want him to keep trying -- his music-videos have always been a wonder, and there's nobody else like him.  I remember going to an art exhibit of his around the time The Science of Sleep came out and it was a lo-fi magical wonderland, entire cities built of out toilet paper tubes,

That said Gondry has a new movie coming out this year! Soon in fact if you're going to Cannes this month, where it's premiering -- it's called The Book of Solutions and it stars French actor Pierre Niney, who feels like he'll translate to Gondry-dom exactly right. Hopefully it's a return to form and we'll see it everywhere else sooner rather than not sooner.

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