Friday, May 05, 2023

And Now, The Weekend

Have to admit that in the days that have passed since I wrote a few thoughts down on here about the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie that I have been feeling as if I was a little too hard on it. The good stuff that I liked (and I do mention most of it in that review) has bubbled up, while the stuff that bugged me has fallen a little to the side. Which is to say I'm only human, y'all. Of flesh and bone am made. Human. Born to make mistakes. I think most people going to this will enjoy themselves -- the people who's de-boarded the Marvel train who'll see the same issues with it that I did are long gone by now. I do wish these movies would try to be less, but I am definitely losing that battle. 

That said if you have to go see a movie this weekend what I recommend is you go see The Eight Mountains, which I reviewed right here yesterday. That movie is as of today, May 5th 2023, my favorite movie of 2023. There's still a lot to come out this year obviously, and I will not be surprised if it things shift around -- tis their way to do just that. But this will be one of the films of the year, have no doubt about that, so see it as soon as you can. What it says about the ways which we change over the years, the way we stay the same, and the way all of that weathers on friendship in particular, felt deeply profound to me. That movie is a gift! So give yourselves a gift! And have a great weekend!

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Paul Adams said...

I do loves me som human league.