Thursday, April 20, 2023

Who Wore it Best?

When Henry Cavill first grew his legendary Mission Impossible stache there was a lot of "Holy Tom of Finland drawing!" grunting, but leave it to director Guy Ritchie to take homoerotic fetishism to the next level and legitimately costume Cavill like a Tom of Finland character for his next movie, the WWII-set The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which I talked about previously right here. Photos from the set (also featuring Henry Golding and Alex Pettyfer) popped up today (see more here) that have Henry fully decked out and, as per usual with this particular brand of fetishism, it's conflicting! But still I must ask! (Thx to Fiona for the suggestion!)


Jake said...

Henry's sweat mixed with that leather makes my heart skip just thinking about how great he must smell!!!!

Natty Soltesz said...

He looks hot but you couldn’t pay me to sit through a Guy Ritchie movie.