Wednesday, April 05, 2023

This Cast is Rated X For Exxxtremely Awesome

As you can see at the bottom of this post A24 put out a new little teaser for Ti West's MaXXXine today -- that would be the third film in trilogy that's so far gifted us with X and Pearl, as originally teased at the end credits of the latter -- and really all it lets us know is the cast. But the cast! THE CAST!!! Besides Mia Goth -- which let's be clear, Mia is enough on her own to buy a ticket -- this one will co-star Elizabeth f'ing Debicki, the musicians Moses Sumney and Halsey, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, Giancarlo Espisito, and Kevin f'ing Bacon as the Friday the 13th Slasher-O.G. in residence. We're still only getting a "Coming Soon" when it comes to dating this hunka burnin love but let's hope it's sooner rather than never. Debicki! 

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