Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Quote of the Day

"The animal people said, “Would you mind taking the snake [that Lena holds in scenes] home?” I was asked to keep the snake so it would get used to me. It was a corn snake. The idea was that I would take the snake home, have it on my vast bed the size of a football pitch, and it would sleep down there in a bag. It began to cough up these fur balls. It was quite disgusting. I don’t think it got to know me very well because it did bite me. The whole thing was slightly Wild West-ish, I have to say. Think of the snake — the snake shouldn’t have to go and spend the night in an actor’s house."

I saw a press screening of the new animated Super Mario Brothers movie last evening and when I got home I felt compelled to watch the 1993 version, which I had not laid a single solitary eyeball upon since it was released in 1993 and uhh holy shit y'all. Super Mario Bros 1993 is... a movie. Where else are you gonna see eternal scene-stealer Fiona Shaw in purple latex and a beehive whooping it up with Dennis fuckin' Hopper? (Beside my wet dreams, of course.) Anyway that's Fiona speaking above via the just dropped oral history of the 1993 movie at Inverse, read the whole damn thing right here. That movie is just wholly inexplicable in ways I don't think any of us will ever comprehend, but this gives an adequate start. Maybe if you smoke some crack cocaine and read it things will make a little more sense. Who can say? Here's the trailer of the new movie, which comparatively is about one billion percent more what one would expect out of a Super Mario movie:

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das buut said...

I loved Fiona's character in this. The movie was such a fucking freak fest that I actually enjoyed it. Fiona's character was just so relatable to me and I hated that waif 'princess' so damn much. Such a waste of skin. The plot was completely batshit, but it was unique. And it gave us this wonderful tongue twister: That's Big Bertha, the Bouncer at the Boom Boom Bar. Who didn't think she could rock Bob Hoskin's world and break him at the same time?