Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Poison for the Fairies in 200 Words or Less

Basically The Craft Jr, Carlos Enrique Taboada's 1986 flick Poison for the Fairies tells the story of two adolescent girls who let their imaginations drive them straight off a cliff -- it's Heavenly Creatures without the lesbian stuff. Verónica (Ana Patricia Rojo) convinces new girl in school Flavia (Elsa María Gutiérrez) that she's really an old witch crone in disguise, and out of loneliness and jealousy (Flavia's family is extremely wealthy) begins blackmailing her. They're BDSM-lite a la Peppermint Patty and Marcie -- Flavia is forced to serve Verónica and give her everything she desires. And Flavia begins unraveling quickly.

The scenes of the poor ten-year-old laying in bed in a cold sweat as all of her nightmares stampede around her bedroom are sad but also extremely funny -- there's a real Mommie Dearest "Jesus Christ" camp quality to watching a little girl have a nervous breakdown, and Taboada plays much of it for laughs. Until it's definitely not. Anyway this movie is pretty much perfect. A new personal forever fave. Seek it out! Vinegar Syndrome put out a blu-ray set of Taboada's films recently, and it's also hitting Shudder in May. 

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