Thursday, April 13, 2023

Irish Eyes Be Boating

It's been two and a half years since we last heard about this project, but there's an update on Michael Fassbender's film Night Boat to Tangier, which we heard he was producing to star in back in November of 2020. Deadline is reporting that he's taking the project to Cannes next month looking for financing, and he's got himself some co-stars -- Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth Negga, no less! When I posted in 2020 about this I said I thought the story (about buddy criminals) sounded very In Bruges and imagined him co-starring with Colin Farrell -- the son of the other dude in In Bruges will do just fine, though. We love Domhnall, and this'll make for some ginger heaven. James Marsh, who directed the doc Man on Wire, is set to direct. If you haven't read the best-selling book this is based on here's the story:

"Set in Spain and Ireland, Night Boat to Tangier follows Maurice and Charlie, a colourful pair of gangsters from Ireland. Drug-smugglers, partners with a long history of violence and intertwined personal lives, they’re back in southern Spain re-visiting old haunts, old flames and dangerous local criminals, searching for Maurice’s estranged daughter, Dilly…

Two-time Oscar nominee/3x Golden Golden nominee and 4x BAFTA nominee Fassbender plays Maurice Hearne and Gleeson will portray his partner Charlie Redmond. Maurice and Charlie are an intimidating and sometimes extremely violent pair with a line in hilarious banter but Cynthia, played by Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA and Tony nominee Negga, is the brains behind their operation and a woman whose relationship with both men is tempestuous.

Marsh said “Kevin’s script is a beautiful piece of writing. Underneath the dazzling surface wit and propulsive storytelling, there are surprising and very moving emotional undercurrents to be discovered. The story is built around love and tenderness amidst all the macho posturing and violence and the female characters are as strong and powerful as the men. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect.”

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