Friday, April 07, 2023

Home Alone In Hell Comes Home

Excellent news for you, for me, for everybody this morning, in that we've got blu-ray news on the nightmare-inducing no-budget-sensation horror flick Skinamarink which stirred some pots earlier this year -- Shudder is dropping it onto physical media on June 20th! Right in the thick of Pride Month - like The Babadook before it we've got a brand new inexplicable gay horror icon, the Skinamarink! I mean (unlike The Babadook) Skinamarink was made by a gay director, Kyle Edward Ball, at least. But there's nothing super specifically queer about the story, unless you wanna go full Cinema Studies Major on the symbolism of a family broken apart by a little boy's "fall"... okay I think I'm reaching.

Anyway I'm spouting more nonsense than usual right now because I'm giddy about the blu-ray itself, as seen above -- it features my very first blu-ray cover blurb! Taken from my Pajiba review (which you can read here) that's my name and my quote featured! All of that was also on the poster and the trailer (both seen here) but I'm feeling extra-special today because the three quotes from the poster got winnowed down to me and me alone! My ego, y'all -- I'm about to be unbearable. (Cut to ten people I know side-eyeing that "about to be.") Anyway I absolutely love this movie and am more than happy to be as big a cheerleader for it as I can. In all seriousness I really figured they'd upgrade to one of the good reviews the film got from the New York Times or something -- David Erlich's "Home Alone in Hell" at IndieWire was really fuckin' choice. So I'm humbled and honored and now going to stop making this about me right this second -- go pre-order Skinamarink right here. I don't know if you've heard but it will let loose absolute terror!

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