Thursday, April 20, 2023

Good Morning, Billy Boy

It's certainly possible that I posted this Billy Magnusson photoshoot back in 2018 when it first ran in Du Jour magazine to coincide with the movie Game Night -- we've been covering him for well longer than that here -- but I don't remember it and that's good enough for me this morning. Why am I so blindly inclined to share some Billy, any Billy, this morning? Because it's his birthday, silly -- our Billy boy is turning 38 and we wanna wish him a good one. But we're also extremely busy right now. So we're doing the most we can to mark his celebratory occasion (unless he wants to come to my office in person of course -- then I will happily set aside my work for awhile.) Hit the jump for this fine old shoot...

ETA uhh this incredible photo (via):

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