Monday, April 10, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Julien: Being an adult means to have a
speedometer that marks 210
and not driving over 60.

A happy 50th birthday to the great and gorgeous Guillaume Canet today! This movie above is probably the first thing I ever saw him in (it's also where he first met his partner of the last sixteen years, a certain Miss Marion Cotillard) and I remember digging the movie but I haven't seen it since. Looking through his filmography I've seen surprisingly few of his movies, actually? It seems like he makes a lot that never makes it across the pond. Oh well that hasn't kept me from documenting him plenty over the years -- check our archives right here.

If you're super familiar with Canet's filmography please tell me what I should see that I might not have previously -- I have seen the big stuff like Tell No One and Joyeux Noel. The last thing I saw him in I think was Oliver Assayas' film Non-Fiction (which I loved way more than most people seemed to), and before that I thought he gave a stellar turn as a serial killer in Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart. He's a dream (even if his relationship with Cotillard makes me think he's probably a nutter like her). 


Shane said...

How about "Love Me If You Dare" from 2003?

Anonymous said...

Barracuda, if you'd like to see him all young, vulnerable, bound and gagged :)

Anonymous said...

What she says about the WTC towers does make sense if you don't take it out of context.

Anonymous said...

if you want him being sexy you can watch him with Keira Knightley in Last Night. I've been meaning to watch Un clef with him and Vanessa Paradis.