Monday, April 24, 2023

Ari Aster Just Wants You To Smile

Have you seen Ari Aster's latest Beau is Afraid yet? I reviewed it right here, calling it a "three-hour-long panic-attack" -- I imagine opinions will be wildly all over the map, and while I'd probably call it my third favorite of Aster's three films to date I still like and appreciate it and I found it very very funny. But I understand, you know, not, haha. Anyway if you watched the three hours of that and felt yourself thinking, "I need more!", then have I got a link for you. I didn't know this existed until last week but the Internet Archive has seven of Aster's short films uploaded right here. I'd only seen one of these previously -- the infamous The Strange Things About the Johnsons -- but watched all the rest over this past weekend and had a blast with them. And I feel like, after watching them, you'll understand more of why Beau is Afraid really is a straight-up comedy. If you watched it and were like, "WTF?" I mean. The second time I saw BIA in a room full of critics NOBODY but me was openly laughing at the thing! It was dark. I think the sooner we realize that his movies fit in alongside somebody like Todd Solondz as the pitch-blackest of pitch-black comedies the better.  

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