Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Waiting To Inhale

Alright everybody take a deep breath like our friend Austin Nichols there (via), because as promised slash threatened at the start of this week I'm off-blog for the next couple of days for work stuff. Which roughly translates to -- we will see ya back here on Monday. But you can also keep an eye on my socials because stuff will probably be hopping on there! Probably! 

Oh and one more thing, since I do have a moment -- you likely didn't notice this because I try to keep Google's ads as invisible as possible here on the site as they're almost always ugly awful blinking obnoxious things. But Google has taken ads down off the site again (they've done this several times in the past) because some of our content reads, you know, a little adult for advertisers. I'm sure you know what I mean, wink wink. Anyway I don't make tons off of ads but I do make a little, so if you have ever felt like donating to the site now's not a terrible time for that! There's a PayPal link in the right-hand column or click here. Also in the right-hand column you can buy some stuff I have for sale on eBay (being updated all the time), or if you're shopping at Amazon use this link - I get a little commission when you use that link. Every penny is always appreciated! Thanks and have a good weekend, my loves.


Natty Soltesz said...

That video narration is hilariously insufferable

Jason Adams said...

I never once, not until you just mentioned it, thought to watch it with the sound turned on! LOL

Anonymous said...