Wednesday, March 15, 2023

She's Alive, Alive!

An almighty update to the news from last month that Guillermo Del Toro is planning on making his next film a new adaptation of Frankenstein with Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac (news that already had us swooning) -- Deadline is saying that Mia Goth is also in talks for the movie! They say she's there to play the doctor's love interest, so Henry's betrothed Elizabeth (Mae Clarke), basically.

Although one assumes that Del Toro will update the role and make it more interesting than she ever was in Whale's films -- Whale was decidedly not interested in that woman, haha. Not when he was too busy queering that shit up in every nook and cranny. Anyway Goth was obviously created in a lab for old-timey horror movies, so this feeds the beast. And I mean -- GDT should just go ahead and merge her role with The Bride of Frankenstein, right? That would make total sense now. We don't need any boring-ass normies now!


Shawny said...

I can't fathom yet another version! Ugh

Paul Outlaw said...

GDT should just go ahead and merge her role with The Bride of Frankenstein

As Branagh did.

Anonymous said...

Pinocchio was an interesting updating, Nightmare Alley was not. Honestly I kinda just want him to do original work.