Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Now & Glen

These photos of Glen Powell shooting his new rom-com with Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney (you'll see bits of her below, where ever I couldn't crop her out of course) in Australia have been bouncing around all day, but as I said earlier I had a screening this morning and so I'm getting to them late. Apologies! But what I can't fix with regards to tardiness I can fix with regards to quantity, and so I've got several dozen photos in store for us to appreciate. Yes, several dozen! Glen's prominent cum-gutters are worth it, dammit. 

That said I wasn't able to scrub watermarks off of all of these if I did want to post them at all today, so forgive me for those, even if my OCD tendencies never will myself. I got these photos via this Glen fan-account here and also via JJ (thx Mac), as you'll see via said watermarks. Sigh.

Anyway we don't know much about this movie (we don't even have a title) except that it's being directed by Will Gluck, the director of Easy A and Friends With Benefits and, uhh, the Peter Rabbit movies? Sure okay. And besides Glen & Sydney it also stars her White Lotus co-star Alexandra Shipp as well as the just-today-announced duo of Dermot Mulroney and Rachel Griffiths, who you should know previously from both being in My Best Friend's Wedding. Anyway more important than any of that we now know that Glen Powell will look like a hot mouth-watering slab of sizzling fresh Texas beef in the movie, and so I am sold. You are sold. We are all sold. Hit the jump to get sold some more and some more after that...

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