Thursday, March 23, 2023

Miguel Ángel Silvestre Eleven Times

Good lord almighty, what the hell goodness did we do in this world to be blessed with this new photoshoot of Miguel Angel Silvestre for Esquire Spain today??? And we're not talking half-assed -- well maybe we are given the above photo shows literally half his ass. What I mean is that this shoot goes all out -- he's even naked on the cover! (And speaking of, never have I hated type more.) But I'd be freaking out over any of the photos contained therein (and sidenote: if anybody speaks Spanish please let us know what's being said in the interview, if there's anything of interest of course) so hit the jump and let's luxuriate in the magnificence of this man together...


hector roberto said...

The interview is about vulnerability but there's not much in it. There's a quote about how Miguel Ángel once said in another interview he thinks Maluma is "a sexy man and gorgeous", about accepting oneself with age, about a new age ex girlfriend that's he's still friends with, that he has thought about having children but not now, a "top secret" project he's working on in his hometown (it's one small line and it sounds like a personal business project outside of the screen). A tiny aside about Federico García Lorca wishing to kiss a man. One or two mentions of Almodovar and finally:
Desire and how it's ok to let your partner lust after someone else because that's none of your business and you can't judge them even tho it's scary and he's a traditional guy; and then he says how he once heard a talk about pronouns and how he thinks we're all the same and the ambiguity is nice and he might think they're a little irrelevant but he's in favor of using them because he has a lesbian aunt and has seen how she has fought for her rights (it's a somewhat awkward paragraph). This is followed by the reporter saying how he thought Miguel Ángel was about to come out as non-binary and the chaos that could cause in the headlines, to which Miguel Ángel responds:

"Can you imagine? I don't know, I mean, it's very clear to me what I like, or at least my body knows what it likes and me...bum... I go with the flow. But without prejudices"
(the very last part of the video interview)

And finally:
"Beyond clichés, how does it feel when one's an object if desire? What does Michaelangelo's David, or [you] this other Miguel Ángel thinks when he's seen like that?

MÁ: I would love to answer... But I'm more scared of what you can maybe see. We are the childhood we've lived. When you have never put yourself in that place, due to whatever trauma you might have, you don't feel that you are that which others can see. That's why I'm always telling nice things to my nephews and nieces, to my friends' children. Their parents tell me: 'Stop telling them that, they're going to think it's true'. Let them! They have to believe it to change the world. If they believe it they'll have confidence and use that confidence to make way.

Out loud: you're so pretty, tete."

Jason Adams said...

hector roberto -- thank you so much for that!

par3182 said...

your browser should be able to translate the interview [i use safari and it's just a matter of clicking the translate symbol in the address bar]

haven't read it yet; too transfixed by the pix