Monday, March 06, 2023

Let Fassbender Smile

I have to post this news today -- that Michael Fassbender will be starring alongside Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz in a new Nancy Myers rom-com for Netflix -- because it's Michael Fassbender news, and that shit is too scarce these days to not. That said let me just out myself upfront as decidedly not a person who finds Nancy Myers Movies comforting in the slightest. I find the home furnishings that she gets so lauded for tacky and ugly and gross, I loathe the entire style of her lifestyle brand, and the love affair with her upper-middle-class real-estate porn gnarly. All those gaudy faucets and throw pillows, ugh. It's like a Restoration Hardware barfed on me -- no thank you! Anyway here's the news:

"While official plot details haven’t been disclosed yet, a logline was going around revealing the film is set in the world of Hollywood: “Talented young writer/director, Porter Nash, and brilliant young producer, Reggie Pettipiece get off to a fantastic Hollywood start: meeting, quickly falling in love, and creating successful films together. Soon enough, the romance fades and the two call it quits, but when another great career opportunity arises, they find themselves teamed up on a new project with high stakes and two emotionally volatile stars that may test their limits…”"

I am happy that Fassy is going to make a happy goofy movie though, because he's a good comedian and had gotten too bogged down in dramatic serious sobbing roles before he took his long break. I'll watch this for him, and be annoyed the whole time. Maybe the fact that this is a movie set in Hollywood will open NM up to different scenery? Ha who am I kidding, her fans would riot -- prepare your bodies for so many big sinks that you'll orgasm, folks!


Simon said...

Hi love Fassbender….but I need to know the name of the pic in the banner, I remember it’s a French film that I included in an essay I wrote in high school about adolescence in film and literature - I can’t remember the name but remember those tighty whities

Jason Adams said...

It's from André Téchiné's movie Wild Reeds :)

Simon said...

That’s it Wild Reeds! thanks

Anonymous said...

I always thought he'd make a great left-field choice should they have gone the James Bond route and re-cast Indiana Jones. Roguishly charming, believably period looking mug and a genuinely versatile actor. Looking at what's become of his career. Yikes. He needed to fire his agent at least one "Harry Hole" ago.