Tuesday, March 07, 2023

He's Da Man

Now this, this is some news! Deadline is reporting that Jonathan Majors is in talks to star in Spike Lee's next movie! Or rather that Spike Lee is in talks to direct Jonathan Majors next movie, which seems like a big leap forward for Majors as far as H'wood power goes but then that place is nutty. Not that this news doesn't make perfect and exciting sense either way it works. Lee worked with Majors already on Da 5 Bloods, of course -- a movie that knew what it had in Jonathan's biceps before basically any other had figured that out.

This new collab will be called Da Understudy -- and clearly they're gonna have to make a "Da" trilogy together now, at this point -- and it tells the story of "life imitating art when the understudy of a Broadway production finds a role he’s willing to kill for." So it's All About Eve with dudes and murder, I guess. That brief description is also giving me the vibes of one of those great 90s thrillers a la The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or whatever, you know what I mean. Or that's what I want out of this, anyway. A trashy thriller. I bet Spike could direct the hell out of one of those. I mean Spike Lee will direct the hell out of whatever Spike Lee is directing, but I wanna see this in particular. 

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Anonymous said...

Great body, not a fan of the face 👎