Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Bookish Oscar Staches Up For Crime!

While Oscar Isaac is not the person my mind would have immediately gone to had you asked me to cast the writer Kurt Vonnegut in a movie, I'm not mad that somebody else thought of it -- especially since that means (see bottom left) that he'll have to grow his mustache back! Deadline has the news  (thx Mac) that Oscar is (probably) going to play the Slaughterhouse Five author for a limited series at Amazon called Helltown, which will be directed by All Quiet on the Western Front director and newly-minted Oscar winner Ed Berger. It's eight episodes and based on a book about the time in 1969 when Vonnegut tried to solve the local Cape Cod murder of two women. Which I guess was a thing that happened? Reading the book's description it sounds like both Vonnegut and Norman Mailer were trying to solve the crime, so we've got a choice role for another actor in here. And I think you'll understand why, looking at photos of a younger Mailer (right below) I am thinking this might be Josh O'Connor's role to lose:

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Jake said...

Oscar is absolutely the most handsome man alive!!!!!!! I am crazy in lust with him!!!! 😋🥵❤