Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Steven Yeun Nine Times

The interview is paywalled so I can't tell you if Steven Yeun confesses to a torrid love affair with his Nope co-star Daniel Kaluuya within his chat with WSJ magazine today, but we'll go ahead and pretend that. We'll spend some time sitting with that. We'll have to contemplate that, for awhile now. But even as we're lost in these day-dreams -- or perhaps I should say helping out these day-dreams -- are the photos. We got all of the photos thanks to Steven himself on Insta. Subverting the paywall man! It's just like Okja, but sexy. (I know some of you are saying "but?" and to you freaks I say g'bless. I mean I remember Jake's Shorts in that movie. Never forget!) Dear lord I came back from lunch today feeling weird. Don't mind me. I am weird today. I think they may have cooked hallucinogens into my pad thai? Anyway hit the jump for these decidedly un-weird photos...

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