Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Quote of the Day

"The Andrew Haigh film, I play opposite Andrew Scott. I probably can’t say a lot about it other than the fact that I think Andrew Scott is going to be—touch wood, from my watching on my end, that was beautiful.His performance was so good, just being beside him. I’m just looking forward to seeing it cut together. It’s that thing of hearing people who are working on the film being really excited about is a good place to be now."

Lovely laddy Paul Mescal talked to Vanity Fair today, mostly about the Oscars (he's nominated for Aftersun, and deservedly at that) but his future projects (including the Gladiator sequel) came up and the above is what he had to say on Weekend and 45 Years director Andrew Haigh's movie Strangers, which we've posted about a few times previously. I'm still not entirely sure what that movie's gist is but I go believe there's a gay vibe, fingers crossed. Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell, and Andrew Scott are in your movie, you vibe a damn gay vibe dammit. 

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Anonymous said...

Really, Jason? You're just going to let that "touch wood" comment go without something to say? ;)