Wednesday, February 08, 2023

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Monster

I was tempted to photoshop Andrew Garfield a flat top in the above photo to separate it from the last time I posted that full photo-shoot and connect it to today's tale of news, but who cares? If we wanna look at that photo again, we can! I deem it alright. So there that is, you are welcome. As for the flat-toppery -- today comes word that Garfield is going to be playing the Monster to Oscar's Isaac's Dr. Frankenstein in a new filmed version of Mary Shelley's classic tale from no less than director Guillermo Del Toro! Those are a lot of names and thoughts and shit, I will give you a second to catch up. Right, though? Right. There's no word on what Guillermo's spin will be but I can't imagine he won't lean into the Goth of it -- I just can't imagine Del Toro of all people not being a purist on this one. As long as he keeps all of the naked wrestling and oiled-up abs from Kenneth Branagh's film intact! That's what counts most.

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