Thursday, February 09, 2023

Good Morning, World

A happy 31st birthday to Now Apocalypse actor Avan Jogia, who was kind enough to share with us this lovely photo the other day on Instagram. Exquisite timing, Avan. God I wish Now Apocalypse had been the humongous hit it deserved to be and we got five seasons. I miss dem sexy nuts. If only Gregg Araki would make something new for god's sake! I'm hoping this is an Araki-fied year, what with the new 4K restoration of his film The Doom Generation screening at Sundance the other week. Bring on the Teen Apocalypse Trilogy boxed-set, Criterion! It's not just me who's begging for that now -- every single time I see anybody put forth the question -- what movie should Criterion rescue! -- a few people say those films. So f'ing overdue.

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