Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Good Morning, World

Three Jonathan Majors posts right in a row? Yes, I did that. You gonna complain? I can't help it if the press has wised up... i.e. he's the major villain of several Marvel movies to come, including one out next week, and so the media-conglomerates (i.e. The Man) are putting their money behind him at last. Whatever it takes to get ten bunches of photos of Jonathan Majors in shorty shorts I will take it. Unlike yesterday's Ebony shoot there's only one shorty-short shot in this batch of photos from Mr. Porter, but that's okay -- it's Jonathan! We'll take anything. Yes even the weird baggy shit he wears on red carpets. That little red beanie he wears with everything. I actually like his personal style? Because it genuinely feels like "a personal style." It feels like him. I'm also, as a teenager in the 90s, personally inclined towards bagginess my self (no matter how much I scream about short-shorts) so I understand where he's coming from. Anyway I'm rambling but that's what happens these days when Jonathan comes up. Hit the jump for the photos before I keep going...

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