Monday, February 27, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Dark City (1998)
Dr. Schreber: Remember John
- never talk to strangers!

Dark City was released on February 27th 1998 and yes, that means it turns 25 today. Which also means I have been waiting for director Alex Proyas to make something as good, to no avail -- not to knock a man when he's down, seeing as it's been six years since he dropped the steaming turd that was Gods of Egypt and he's only made short films since then. I wonder if he's ever been attached to any of the attempted remakes of The Crow? I'm not much of a fan of the original Crow film but he did a fine stylish job there and I know it has its mega-fans, they should let him have another go. The man did have Dark City in him -- he's capable of greatness. Then again he's also capable of Knowing, shudder. Anyway I have pretty vivd memories of going to see Dark City at a midnight screening in college and immediately being blown away -- does it lean a little heavy on its silent-film goth noir influences? Sure, but I'd argue it tangles them into something fascinating and new.  I did get to revisit it on the big screen a few years ago at MoMA and its special effects still look fantastic today -- when in doubt cloak that shit in darkness! A 4K upgrade on this would be more than a little welcome though.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding & holds up to several rewatches, preferred to The Matrix if one's comparing.