Friday, February 24, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Tár (2022)

Lydia Tár: It is always the question that
involves the listener, it's never the answer.

A happy 59th birthday to writer-director Todd Field, who's had a very good year -- besides Tár's nomination for Best Picture he is personally nominated for directing and screenplay at this year's Oscars, and best of all his movie landed at #7 on MNPP's favorite movies of the year. It's the only Best Picture nominee in my top 10, so I guess that tells you what I'm rooting for. (Here is my review of the film from NYFF last year.) I mean I'll be fine with several of the films nominated winning -- Everything Everywhere All At Once, which I have a feeling is gonna take it, would be a terrific atypical winner. I mean how many Best Pictures have martial arts fights involving butt-plugs? Not nearly enough, I say! Talk about making How Green Was My Valley accessible to modern audiences. Anyway I loathe calling movies this fresh a "masterpiece" but I imagine in ten years time I will be fine calling Tár one. I might re-watch it tonight now that I'm talking about it! I haven't seen it in a few months. That said good luck and happy birthday, Todd! Make another movie sooner than it took to make this one, please.

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