Friday, February 03, 2023

Butch and the Gyllenhaal Kid

When I posted the trailer for Guy Ritchie's The Covenant yesterday -- which sees Jake Gyllenhaal playing a soldier who goes back into Afghanistan to try and save an interpreter they'd left behind -- a commenter said they've grown tired of Jake trying to prove how alpha-male and uber masculine he is with his roles, and I have to admit I'm feeling a lot of that looking at these, the first trio of photos released for the new movie. Beards and grimacing gun-fights and not a Jarhead thong in sight. They're stiflingly mega butch stuff!

On their own they'd probably be fine -- we do love a man in uniform -- but in the wake of him just working with Michael Bay (on a movie I found, expectedly, excruciating), and with the Road House re-do around the corner (the only glimpse of which we've seen so far involved shit-heel Conor McGregor) I gotta echo that commenter -- Jake, we need some Soft Boy Entertainment, stat! It's been a long while since the spectacular 2018 triumvirate of The Sisters Brothers and Velvet Buzzsaw and Wildlife. I need a fix of that Jake at least interspersed with all this dude-ness. I mean at least bring back Mr. Music for us!


Anonymous said...

You’d think he would have gotten this out of his system after Prince of Persia.

VRCooper said...

The words you are looking for are toxic masculinity.

I don't know about Jake. I would love to cuddle with him and let him take the lead. Love the picture of him sitting in a chair buck naked tapping on his laptop. Loved him and Heath in Brokeback Mountain. I really don't follow his career that closely. If he is trying to always prove his male/straight/bona fides then he has a problem. One should be secure in oneself so that what others think does not affect your bearing. Be the full spectrum-soft/hard/and in between. Be you. Please don't manscape. We love the fur.

Forever1267 said...

Somebody got to him. With Brokeback still his defining role, someone is trying to change his image.

And don't ever shave that chest!!

Anonymous said...

Omg, that was my comment you're referencing! I feel so validated!

Anonymous said...

I read an interview a few years ago where the tone was basically that Jake had a good run of Oscar worthy performances in interesting films that didn't get the recognition it deserved so he said F it! I might as well get paid and try to reinvent myself as a action star or as he calls it "having fun". I'm sure he's getting paid much better than his Broadway, art house days.