Thursday, January 19, 2023

Who's Screaming Now

Sorry that I am posting the Scream VI trailer late this morning -- y'all have no doubt already gone over it with a fine-toothed comb and have figured out who the killer(s) is/are already. (It's a cult isn't it? It's totally a cult of like twenty Ghostfaces.) I was distracted doing a big post of a dude in his underpants. So the usual. Anyway yes the Scream VI trailer has arrived and I'll admit I did watch it -- as you probably know I tend to be vocally anti-trailer especially anti-horror-movie-trailer, since they always give away too much shit. But I need some convincing when it comes to Scream VI -- the last one weren't so great on a revisit, and you add the Neve Campbell pay debacle and my feelings aren't warm-n-fuzzy  these days like they should be with a franchise this close to my heart. That said... this trailer maybe worked on me? I am a New Yorker after all, so my city narcissism is being fed with this one being set in my hometown.

And they pulled the trick that will always get me, every goddamned time -- they put Gale in danger. Putting Gale in danger makes my heart go fast and my breath go short. I say this every time but if they kill Gale... I swear to god... I swear to the devil actually! I don't know. I will see it because of course I will -- I am way far beyond saving -- but y'all tell me what you think. 

Scream VI is out on March 10th. 

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Jake said...

Zzzzzz!!! Please wake me once they stop making this crap.