Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Quote of the Day

"I love Andrea Arnold. I think she’s an incredible director and somewhat underrated. I watched “Fish Tank” right around the time I was filming “Nymphomaniac,” which was the first film that I ever did. I found “Fish Tank” to be as influential for me as the experience of filming with Lars, and both of those components in that period of time when I was 18 years old really formed my blueprint of what it is that I’m trying to achieve as an actor and the sorts of directors that I strive to work with, and the kind of stories that I want to tell and the kind of filmmaking that most resonates with me. That’s what excites me most is very little plot, extremely character-driven stories where there’s really not much going on outside of whatever it is that a couple of people in the film are going through. For me, that’s always the best cinema."

That was Mia Goth's answer when asked who she'd like to work with by Variety -- my lord, this woman has stolen my heart. Andrea Arnold and Mia Goth together -- can you imagine? Oh make it happen, sweet cinema gods, make this collaboration happen! Anyway the entire chat is worth a read -- she talks about how she chooses projects because of the director and she tells a little bit about what the third film in the X and Pearl trilogy, the one called MaXXXine, will be like. Mia forever, baby. Here's an old picture to make us smile:

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