Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hey Look At My Big Poll Y'all

And now, for something a little different -- a heads-up on two polls I recently participated in. The first and more recent one went live today -- click over to IndieWire to see a survey of what critics thought was the best of Sundance 2023, in which I voted. Things I voted for definitely made the lists but the big winner, Chloe Domont's gender and power dynamics corporate thriller Fair Play starring Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor as a couple whose work relationship gets seriously in the way of their engagement, was a disappointment for me and I'm not getting the love I see other critics heaping upon it at all. It's not a disaster -- it's serviceable and the actors give it their all. Y'all know I love Alden and he's in fine form (in more than one manner). But I really didn't feel as if it told me anything new by its end. Anyway this isn't meant to be a review, I'm not reviewing it -- just putting that contrasting brief opinion out there. My little meh.

The second poll I recently participated in is the annual Nashville Scene poll, which took a look back at the movies of 2022 and picked out some faves -- check it here. MNPP friend Jason Shawhan runs this poll and gathers up a smart batch of critics (although I might, you know, be biased) so it's always if you ask me more interesting than a lot of yearly round-ups I see. Several of my actual favorite movies of the past year actually made this list, which hasn't been happening a lot for 2022 -- my personal list, if I ever end up showing it to you, is turning out to be let's say an eclectic one. Which is to say I kind of feel when I do these polls that I'm just throwing my opinion into an abyss, where all my teensy tiny weirdo little choices are immediately swallowed up by other's consensus. Oh well, that's what this "Best of" machinery is always about! 

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Oh please bring back your Golden Trouser Awards!