Friday, January 20, 2023

Good Morning, World

I'm sure I've posted gifs of this scene from American Horror Story before -- the one where Evan Peters jerks off in the shower for the benefit of Billy Eichner -- but it's Evan's birthday today and also I am running terribly behind due to subway issues this morning, so why not revisit? Evan, who's a big fancy awards winner now thanks to Mayor of Easttown and Dahmer gets to be reminded of the things he had to do to get there, we all get to stare at his O-face, and I get to crap out a quick post and move on. Everybody wins! Ish. Happy birthday, Evan!


Aquinas1220 said...

And the way he just stared at Eichner *chefs kiss*

ferretrick said...

The only good part of that awful season.