Thursday, January 12, 2023

Calling All Cowboys

I can't take another disappointment like Amazon burying Nicolas Winding Refn's masterpiece of a 2019 series Too Old To Die Young -- although I suppose I should be grateful that it's still there available for streaming after the year that sort of thing has had -- so please please please go watch Refn's new series Copenhagen Cowboy on Netflix if you haven't yet! I admit I dropped the ball on alerting y'all beforehand (tbh I was a little annoyed that Netflix ghosted me on screeners) so I never shared the trailer, but I am righting that now: 

I binged the show this past week -- although "binged" might be overstating it, as I didn't allow myself more than one episode a night -- and it's fan-fucking-tastic. Weird and gorgeous, funny and haunting -- it's pure undiluted Refn, and I love that he got somebody to say yes again. It's sliiiightly more accessible than TOTDY ended up being, but it's still a series where a possibly vampire serial killer has his penis eaten by pigs; ain't nobody mistaking this for Two and a Half Men. Anyway it ends on a note that very much begs for another season, which honestly might've just been a cruel joke on Refn's part -- crafting an absurdist cliffhanger with no resolution would fit into this Dada puzzle perfect. That said if you have watched the show tell me what you thought in the comments (and also go read our pal Sean's recaps at Decider, he gets it!)

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