Monday, December 19, 2022

Jake Gyllenhaal Four Times

A happy 42nd birthday to our boy Jake Gyllenhaal today. I did such a massive celebration for Jake's 40th birthday -- see all of that here -- that I've earned taking it easy for a couple of years. We'll go nuts for 45 -- maybe sooner if that Road House remake lights our fire. How about that, Jake? Thankfully these new outtakes from an old photoshoot (via) made themselves known today -- can I just say that I am fully and completely infatuated with that blue-gray corduroy suit he's wearing, and would give anything to have one of my own. Anything! Just putting that out there. (Anything.)

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Anonymous said...

My brief cyber sleuthing only turned up one affordable alternative...which is, unfortunately for you, sold out. The Todd Snyder italian corduroy Madison jacket and trouser in grey (sale price just over $300 w/promo code). Jake's is probably Brunello Cucinelli or similar and $5k+. I'd buy you the high-end version myself if you had been a good boy this year, but I know you weren't. WE ALL know you weren't. Ha ha!