Thursday, December 22, 2022

Holly Jolly Heave Ho Ho

Well that is that -- I'm off for the holidays, as forecasted in last evening's mention. MNPP proper will most likely be stock-still quiet til January 3rd... I always say I might post and I am always a big fat dumb liar. I'll surely be active on the social medias all linked in the right-hand column though, and I will have a couple of reviews hitting Pajiba over the next week (you can keep track of me there in particular at this link)...

... like my take on Babylon goes up tomorrow, you won't want to miss that. I asked my editor's permission to swear a lot! And two old reviews for movies I saw at film festivals will be re-upped as the films get released, including Living (with a career best Bill Nighy) right here and Noah Baumbach's White Noise, which hits Netflix next week and which I talked about here. Both of those are terrific and 100% worth seeking out.

Other than that I just wish you all a happy holiday and a happy New Years and let's see if we can make 2023 a year to remember for good reasons. If anybody wants to make a donation to MNPP's coffers out of appreciation for my annual nonsense efforts, you can do so right here -- every penny's and nice comment is appreciated. Hell even the nasty comments are appreciated -- just pay attention to me dammit! In all seriousness I love my readers, y'all rule, thanks for coming back all these many years. I would still do this without you because my brain is chaos but y'all make it easier! Thank you!


Pierce said...

Who wouldn't want to see what Jake is hiding under that Hat? Woof!

joel65913 said...

Hope your holidays are great and thanks for leaving us with some lovely imagery.

I did have some hopes for one of your Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life... posts commemorating one of my faves-the great Ruth Roman whose centenary it is today. Oh well we can't have everything.

Merry Christmas!