Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #199

No this isn't a Knives Out prequel flashing Benoit Blanc back to his younger slightly-hotter days (although I'd certainly watch that) -- this is from 2004's Layer Cake, which I re-watched earlier this week for some random reason and the second I saw this scene I was like, "Finally! Another shelves post!" It'd been awhile since I'd had the opportunity to do one of these and this movie offers one hell of a library. And not just a library but one of those fake-book doors to boot! The "Film Locations" website tells me that this library is the one inside of the Athenaeum Club in London and sure enough...

... that's one and the same location. Anybody ever seen it in real life? It's giving me the vapors, tis. I mean, is a room like this really too much to ask for? It's all I ask for. I don't need any other rooms. I can put my bed and a chamber pot in the middle and be fine. I don't cook. I will sit on my chamber pot and eat my McDonalds in the middle of this and be perfectly happy. Now that I have given you that visual, I depart. Oh and Layer Cake? Still a good movie!

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