Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Crawl Under the Covers with Bones

Heads up, Bones-heads -- Luca Guadagnino's latest wonderment the cannibal romance Bones and All is getting a blu-ray release! it's hitting on January 31st and you can pre-order it right here. That $35 pre-order price-tag will surely drop by that street-date -- no word on special features yet but I hope there are some! Luca's movies get too bare-bones of releases -- the U.S. disc of Suspiria was so basic I had to go abroad and buy the great big German boxed-set! Anyway if you missed Bones in theaters (and judging by its receipts a lot of you did) this will be your chance to make up for sucking so bad -- here is my review from when I saw it at NYFF. Oh and here is a second thing I wrote about the movie and its Oscar prospects, which seems wildly optimistic now given the shrug audiences met it with. I mean, whatever -- I still adore the movie and I am well used to movies I love being unpopular by this point. I'm just too hifalutin and esoteric, man! Y'all don't get me! ETA just discovered you can rent the movie right this minute via Amazon as well. So do that!

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No 4K??? :(