Monday, November 28, 2022

Them Golden Bones

In retrospect, after Luca Guadagnino's cannibal romance Bones and All didn't make much money at all this weekend in its big debut in theaters, I probably shouldn't have started out my new Mashable piece on its Oscar chances with talk about the Horror Genre being a big-bucks-bringer this year, haha! Oh well, that's what happens when you submit a piece a couple weeks early. But to be clear this movie, which I adore (here's my review), was never going to be a mainstream hit -- it is far too arty and weird for any of that, which was the same well that Luca's Suspiria remake (aka my favorite movie of 2018) fell down. I was joking around on twitter a couple of weeks ago about this movie probably getting an "F" rating from audiences Cinema-score-wise, so that it only ended up with a "B" is good news I think! Just remember that Wolf Creek, a horror masterpiece, got an "F" back in the day -- movies that actually challenge form and structure and content are often big ol' flops in their original release. Anyway I agree with Clayton at Variety that the bad box office doesn't necessarily doom the movie's couple of slight chances at Oscar nominations -- the Indie Spirits proved that they loved the film already with its nominations. We'll see. And as I always say -- awards nominations are bullshit, good movies last forever. Bones and All will live on and ten years from now be regarded properly.

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