Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Peter: How old were you when you met Bronco Henry?
Phil: About the age you are now.
Peter: Was he your best friend?
Phil: Yeah... he was. He was more than that. Once,
he saved my life. We were way off up in the hills shooting elk,
and the weather turned mean. Bronco kept me alive by...
lying body against body in a bedroll. Fell off to sleep that way.
Peter: Naked?

The best movie of 2021 is out on Criterion 4K blu-ray today -- Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog can be yours right now, sittin' on your shelf and everything! And lucky for y'all Amazon has it at 50% off right now (as they do many of their Criterion titles) so go'n grab it, lil' doggy. Still can't believe it lost best Picture to that forgettably adequate Lifetime movie, ugh. God the Oscars suck. Bronco Henry deserved better dammit! Anyway I love the cover-art for the disc, don't you? Tis pretty perfect.


VRCooper said...

I saw Power of the Dog!!

I guess there was a touch of gay in the film. Wished they explored it a little more.

The film was a little obtuse.

When the film ended I said to myself---"What in the hell did I just watch!"

dre said...

Underwhelming is the word I'd use for it. However, I will say this...Kodi Smit-McPhee was ROBBED of that Oscar. That kid is so good in this, it's a goddamn travesty that he didn't win.

Like...The Color Purple not winning best film kinda shit.

mrripley said...

Loved the film but sorry didn't like Cumberbatch at all

schmiedepaul said...

A *touch* of gay?!? 🤣
Eveb apart from that I adored it, every second.
Kodi was also in Slow West, another criminally ignored Western.